The Vero Beach Team

Today the Recovery Connection Team includes a variety of professionals and fellow recovered support staff that has been active in the recovery field with various licenses, certifications, and diverse life and work experiences to give the best support you deserve.

Our team believes anyone can get clean and sober to fulfill their life’s dreams.

Services at a Glance

Treatment is all about saving lives. Let us help you develop a plan of action to embrace sobriety and change your lives forever.

servicesInpatient Treatment Coordination:

Prevention / Intervention Services
Detox & Rehab Admission Guidance
Sober Escort & Transport
Treatment Discharge & Transition Planning
Post-Discharge Monitoring
Sober Residence Placement
Introduction to Outpatient Services

Recovery programs gives the client a degree of personal responsibility and freedom but still provides structure, guidance and support.

Personalized Outpatient / Continuing Care Plans:

Customized Recovery & Sober Coaching
Age & Gender Specific Addiction Counseling
Individual, Group & Family Therapy
Relapse Prevention Awareness
Holistic & Creative Therapy
Fitness and Nutrition

We encourage all clients to utilize local resources and support groups in the community. They can be very specific to many individual needs, offer more flexibility, and lead to good friendships and fun.

Sobriety Transition & Support Groups:

AA / NA 12 Step Participation
Non-Traditional Addiction Support Groups
Building Life Skills Workshops
Developing Inner Strengths & Independence
Exploring Spiritual Growth
Sober Recreation
Community Service Assistance

The purpose of family counseling and support groups is to provide families with the tools they need to remain healthy. Discover what behavior is harmful to a substance abuser, yourself and the family unit.

Family Education & Support Programs:

Disease of Addiction Education
Co-Dependency & Family Healing Strategies
Developing Healthy Boundaries
Family Community Service Resources
Teen Drug Court / Law Enforcement Help
Parents of Teens Workshops

Our goal is to help clients create and implement a workable program into their daily life while supportive friends and family are also encouraged to participate.

* The Recovery Connection, as a private business, actively participates with government and community services organizations to help men, women and teens find their path through resources already in place.