Don’t fall through the cracks and relapse at critical milestones.

Recovery coaching is a recognized profession in the field of addition recovery helping clients to remove the barriers and obstacles to their recovery.

Together we bridge the all the gaps between in-patient treatment and aftercare support, which is a critical time in the client’s recovery. The coach provides a level of accountability and personal attention to clients that is often unavailable in the system today.

Part of a recovery coach’s role is to promote and plan positive change through goals, actionable steps, give support and the tools for a healthier mind and body. Coaches help keep the transition to these changes less stressful and more manageable with your help in planning.

The Recovery Coach understands the types of barriers that often prevent alcoholics and addicts from seeking or continuing recovery assistance.

Some barriers might be internal, such as low motivation to change current behavior, or may be experiencing emotional, mental, physical or spiritual issues. Other obstacles are external, such as a dysfunctional living environment, legal problems, unemployment or no contacts within the recovery community.

Choose your own path to health and sobriety; we believe that anyone can get sober with the right plan and support you deserve.

Additional Services Offered – Sober Companion

Feel secure with a Sober Companion for events you can’t afford to miss.

Sober companion services for business, legal, social or other personal reasons are available anytime, anywhere 24/7. We take considerable care to match your special requirements and purpose of the event or travel destinations.

Intervention & Sober Transit

We provide intervention assistance and safe client escort to and from any rehab treatment or sober living facility nationwide. Sober escorts are uniquely qualified to relate and assist clients through these sometimes uncomfortable life transitions.

The Recovery Connection can help you connect all the dots within the network, call us for details.